June 07, 2004

New Visions PRD

New Visions Philanthropic Research and Development "was founded in 1988 by co-directors Dan Siegel and Jenny Yancey to strengthen civil society in the United States and globally by promoting effective philanthropy and innovation in the nonprofit sector. Siegel and Yancey have worked as consultants, trainers, advisors and writers on philanthropic and nonprofit development issues in the United States, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Their sponsors and clients have included leading foundations, nonprofits, universities and corporations." Dan and Jenny's report, Philanthropy's Forgotten Resource? Engaging the Individual Donor, is important reading for advisors, fundraisers, and donor's themselves. The white paper surveys current donor education initiatives, and concludes that a great need exists for more formalized programs, perhaps knit together in a network of providers, from universities, causes, identity groups, community foundations, and financial services firms. The New Visions paper is an excellent resource to guide future conversations and action.

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