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August 29, 2019


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Sam Snead

You made it to the chopper! I cant help but wonder if poor Audrey stayed below the blades as you ran. You think your safe as you hide in plain sight, aided by the sickoes you write about. Do you sleep in the cockpit? Are you wearing fake facial hair? Of this im sure as ive studied fir decades to be able to successfully predict your moves. When the silver bracelts ckick closed you will know your reign is over! Hooefully Audrey can be re puroosed for good, lest she is dropped in the lagoon with the gators!!

Sam Again

Im coming and Ive commanded all of hell to come with me ;)
You fucks are as good as dead. Wrap yourself in your favorite material with your sick selves, just know your all as good as dead!


It didn't give the login options I wanted, so I borrowed this ID. Good to see the satire is little diminished, we all need a dose. QQ, is yourass.com just something any random malcontent can use to hide behind a mask? Most humor is more sarcasm that satire these days, and the real owner of this ID can't help but pun about the irony impaired who are thick like flies on anything rotting.

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