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June 18, 2017


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Christine Egger

You are circling in on the very thing that matter.

A suggestion: There is a world of difference between conditional and unconditional love. What would Tutor's love for Audrey look like if it were unconditional, and how would that change the nature of his actions and the conversations we all need to be having?

I've been thinking of this alot lately, and the distinction seems critical.

Unconditional love = "I will not use any condition as an excuse to withhold love."

I may not like something, I may judge something negatively, and my response to a situation will reflect that.

But love is not "liking a whole lot" or "judging really favorably." It is something entirely different, vibrationally, consequentially. From my experience, it is what we are made of, it is the water we fish are swimming in. The pain we feel when it is pinched off isn't an effect, as in causal A then B, it is what pinching off unconditional love IS. Unconditionalized love is what wellness is. Unconditionalizing love is what healing is. What would that look like in Tutor's world?


Tutor loves the kid so much it hurts. She is happy to ignore him, or feed him to the sharks, except at bedtime when it is story time. Unconditional love from a hired hand? At what price? I guess all markets clear at a price.

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