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June 14, 2017


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Christine Egger

We all at times walk around with blinders on, the kind that horses wear to keep them from being overly distracted or startled. We wear colored glasses, too, under safety goggles. And bug hats and gloves and elbow and knee pads. We carry canes and cattle prods, umbrellas and water filters. At times we can barely see one another through all this garb. That you cannot identify something about a man who is equipped to the nines with protective gear is not surprising.


"Authentically himself," may be the highest praise at my funeral. Followed by, "And more is the pity."


I too have thought fTrump to be a mode Dionysus, Phil, and a mystery certainly lies within. When there is no self, one can, of course, be "at one."

Phil Cubeta

The ecstasy of partis pris victorious.

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