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February 20, 2017


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Christine Egger

I love that Phil Cubeta has a cameo here and hope you'll consider giving him a larger role in the future. With a script, even.

These are strange times, and such a move seems called for.

As for me, I'm getting more and more involved in justice work. Please take that literally, in the same vein as asking folks to take philanthropy literally (love of people and all that).

In other words, I'm still working at translating love into human action. Reiki is still the most pure method I've found... free-basing love, I guess... but justice work comes close. It seems to be about showing up and speaking truth to power, and I love that I'm getting better at that.

Thank you for speaking truth to the story of power, too.

Phil Cubeta

Would like to do better, but am writing these days into a silence. The party seems to have moved on to Wealth Bondage: Facebook Edition, or Wealth Bondage: Twitter Edition. I am considering Wealth Bondage: The Medium Edition. I need to get back to writing like myself, from behind the masks of Sundry Confident Idiots. Imagine a Twitter Feed written by one Author from behind the Masks of Candidia Cruikshanks, and Company. Not one would ever speak sense, any more than on any Twitter feed, but the gaps between the posts, would speak volumes. Not sure if I have the technology chops to create such an Exercise in Futility in Wealth Bondage for the Public Good.

Christine Egger

I'm catching up here for the first time in a while... And encourage any of the above that you can make room for... I would love to hear your voice more directly. The world is in need.

Email if you'd like some brainstorm/accountability assist?


Speaking directly is inarttistic and shiluf be discouraged

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