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July 09, 2016


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Christine Egger

"Do we have a social contract, still...?"

Of course we do. We are human.

"When we say "we," whom do we include?"

This is the most -- perhaps the only -- important question ever asked.

Phil Cubeta

Rights precede the social contract, and the rule of law, or the other way around? The language of "inalienable rights" "endowed by the Creator," indicates that the rights, and human dignity, are not creatures of law. "We the people," though, which people? If you ran Apple, and used Ireland as a tax haven to prevent paying any corporate tax, and had your factories in China, who is "we the people" to whom you owe a debt of fellowship? If you bankrupt people here to enrich people in China, have you done your duty to "We the people"? To the global citizen class the answer is an obvious yes, "All lives have equal value," as Gates Foundation says. "Ability is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not," as Zuckerberg says using his Charitable Initiative to fund a start up training software engineers in Africa, dropping wages in the US. And is this not "Doing good by doing well," for we the people around this flat earth, without regard to national boundaries?

Is it any wonder that the dispossessed here, want America to be Great for them again, and want a wall to keep "them" out of "our" country?

The global class are startled. My is on who among the advisor class will step forward with an opportune set of "solutions." Militarized police, for-profit prison, colonies on Mars, the purchase of an island, philanthropy, social ventures, public service, training children in humility.... I am looking forward to the next phase of this conversation as those whose blindness exacerbated the problem now propose themselves as "Seers," Mentor, Virtuous and Wise Advisors, and Secular Priests who will lead their chosen people to an everlasting paradise of and for the rich.

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