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November 11, 2015


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It is possible to tell the Audreys of our lives complicated things in story form, and it's so much better than Joe C., Ted T., or BS about anything. There is a vernacular that is not stupid, not populist, not journalistic, not crowdpleasing, that gives all of us, no matter what we know or have by way of experience, insight, a grasp of big things, a glimpse. All this Shakespeare knew, as you say. As did Montaigne, Sophocles, Lubitsch, Mel Brooks on a good day, and perhaps Audrey. No one not on Fortune's wheel, but professionals will make it seem you can get off.

Phil Cubeta

Thank you, Tom. Wasn't it I.A. Richards who said, two generations ago, "A poem is a machine to think with"? I miss the old days of blogging when we kept up a lit-inspired cross site conversation, in the presence of whomever showed up.

Christine Egger

I see a book and a tour and and an off-Broadway play. No wait, a movie starring Meryl Streep. Definitely Meryl Streep.

Phil Cubeta

She would be perfect. But we need Clint Eastwood as The Happy Tutor, too. As for Audrey, she is new Shirley Temple, for changing times.


I fear that's moved to FB and Twitter, Phil.

Phil Cubeta

I fear that AKMA has, bad enough he moved to Oxford.

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