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September 18, 2015


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Matthew Wesley


Thank you for your very kind words. You have laid down a worthy gauntlet and I am delighted to play with you in this Garden of Earthly Delights. I shall respond in due course, but without undue delay. With your permission, I may lift some of your Questions as a fulcrum and perhaps we can find a kind of dialogical engagement for the Edification of All.

And as for the supple use of language and the Sixth Deadly Sin (at least as listed in the Purgatorio)I suppose I could only wish I were as articulate as you if that were a fruitful pursuit. Rather, here, as there, gratitude abounds.


Matt, thank you so much. Please do borrow whatever you wish. Can the rich thrive in Grubman's paradise if society fails? Shall we ask him? Romney? Trump? Hughes? John A. Warnick? F. Scott Fitzgerald? Petronius? Max Veblen? Picketty? Schervish? Whitaker? Rasputin? Not sure whom to ask. I think we know that in asking publicly we, as Serving Professionals, jeopardize our meager business models. We, some of us, in ministering to the world's wealthiest, call ourselves Secular Priests. (I am not making that up. Dame Folly praises Folly from the stage, and two hundred Dunces nod towards each other, in unison, confirming each other in Wisdom and Virtue. None call it sacrilege. Apparently, none of the wise and virtuous know the difference.)

Simple Simon on his way to Vanity Fair meets the Pie-man. Said Simple Simon to the Pie-man, "Pray, Sir, how do I get more for me?" "Stick in your thumb, pull out a plum," said the Pie-Man.

Simon Magus had a business plan. Selling sacred things. What is ours?

Be it noted, Matt, in your writings I don't detect even a trace of Simon Magus. Maybe that is why you struggle.

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