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December 06, 2014


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jeremy gregg

Well ... did she ever confide: how was she doing?


Very well, Tutor, and always better for hearing from you.

Jessica Margolin

It's utterly presumptuous of me, but it seems implicitly that the answer is that she's in a phase of grief a psychoanalyst friend calls "composting."


I am always discovering the presumptiveness of love. A love that is not that, that accomplishes work, that acts - if you possess that, you are truly gifted.

Phil Cubeta

Gift, grace, in the chain of the gift, as a magnet holds an iron ring, and another dangles from the first, or as billiard balls transmit a shock. The second or third ball does not see or understand the pocket into which the fifth ball will go. The economy or logic of the gift we study in "primitive societies," as if we were more advanced. One theory of change is imitation, commemoration, and fidelity. What is your legacy, some of my friends ask. I find a better question is to what if anything are you faitful? Whose posterity are you? The way you talk, TM, of your own teachers - fidelity of a complex sort, since fidelity to a prior greatness is an archaic, Archie Type.


Just beautiful.

Phil Cubeta

If Church for the Deeply Depressed, for those left behind, for those without any money or any prospect of it, with a statue at the door, of our Lady of Sorrows, facing a cross in the knave, on which her son died, were to have a liturgy, I wonder how that would differ from the Gospels?

Christine Egger


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