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June 19, 2014


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The Nat'l Review link isn't working. And, fwiw -

"In capitalism, competing ownership claims are settled by the state’s willingness to use violence to exclude all but one claimant. If I lay claim to one of David Koch’s mansions, libertarian that he is, he’s going to rely on big government and its guns to set me right. He owns that mansion because the state says he does and threatens to imprison anyone who disagrees. Where there isn’t a state, whoever has the most violent power determines who gets the stuff, be that a warlord, a knight, the mafia or a gang of cowboys in the Wild West. Either by vigilantes or the state, property rights rely on violence."


Phil Cubeta

Property rights - I was stunned reading philosophy and assigned John Locke to see how much of our tradition is a defense of property rights. The King and the Bishop versus the shopkeepers. The shopkeepers won, and now they, the greatest of them, are King and Bishop. The Social Compact (what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours) remains, but what it guarantees is now "justice" in procedures, not substance.


Had the same reaction to Locke. At first I was taken with his idea of mixing my labor with, say, an orchard and thereby coming to own it. Perhaps we can all gather around a Koch mansion and apply the same technique. I even have an idea of what part of me I'd like to mix with it.


The sweat and blood of laboring people is mixed with what?

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