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April 18, 2014


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It's partly about getting the jouissance and bona fides of the phantasmagoria of virtue while collecting a check while deferring judgment day until after the end of time.

Waiting for __dot.

But that’s what liberalism is, really: the absorption of the immediacy of a political sense into the studied, slow time of useless intellection, the conflation of taking-time and having-a-(truer-)thought. The bourgeois public sphere, the Parliamentary Blue Book, the parliamentary labyrinth of US congressional procedure, the ballot box, and, sure, contemporary political-scientific methods—all of these liberal forms articulate a slowing of time to a production of thought in the name of optimizing a decision that will never come.


Great series of posts, toot.


The decision seems no longer relevant when things are decided for you. You may decide your opinion, or whether to express it, but wealth rises like helium and brings with it is own justification.


"wealth rises like helium and brings with it is own justification."

And its justification is about as credible as that of any clown speaking in a helium voice.


Credible a an Annus Mirabilis?

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