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October 18, 2013


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Where's the need to "bless the bankers and brokers in their cubicles" when they can, for a small sum, possess their own action figures?


At last! A line of a Secluar Priest Action Figures is within reach. The costumes and scene rooms are yet to come. A cubicle, a bed of nails, a prayer wheel.

Gerald Shenk

This reminds me of generic Christian weddings offered as package programs in Hawaii, replete with venue chapel by the shore and blessings crafted to the personal tastes of the wedding party. For a fee, of course.

Phil Cubeta

The Mandate of Heaven - could be a chapel we set up in the Caymans.


I was going to say you didn't offer your friend enough money, but that would be snide of me: I'm not the only one who doesn't have a price. (In my case, no one offers me one.) To the heart of the matter: fab idea, Phil. The blessing of the fleet of heart. Employ the Reverend Jesse Jackson! Wheel him around the cubicles like Salieri at the end of Amadeus, his arm raised in benediction. Followed by nuns in traditional garb: the aura of their image still sells for Mad Ave.

Phil Cubeta

Genet's "The Balcony" comes to mind.

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