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September 20, 2013


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Jim Schaffer

I'm sorry, but this is just too good not to comment and to share across social platforms. I am a friend, so I hesitate to avoid making it look I give automatic positive support, but every day your reflections need amplification as best as us readers can produce. Pope Francis (elsewhere in the NYT in the past two days) seems to be consulting your playbook, Phil -- the wisdom of the ages. God help us all. Jim


See also:





Phil Cubeta

Thank you, Jim. Maybe I could be the Secular Pope? If I could find a Medici to fund me?

Phil Cubeta

Thank you for the Martial, what a pleasure. Almost a secret vice reading him.


While we're at it:


A little reading of these guys would do us all a bit of good.

Phil Cubeta

Sermones for secular priests in the precincts of dynastic splendor/squalor.

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