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March 27, 2013


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Brilliant. A small sidenote, something to look forward to in the coming disruptions: one of the joys of community organizing that I've recently experienced is the "neighborhood advocate" who is purely local, has personal relations with the municipal power structure, and runs his tight ship with all the managerial distance, arrogance and hauteur of a senior VP of IBM or GM. The habits of the former unipercenters run deep.

Phil Cubeta

The habits of mind are so limited, producer, consumer, manager, investor - we have no other public language, and cannot assume that others are as reticent to share their secret stores of knowledge and wisdom as are you.

Jon Husband

Perhaps your best blog post ever ? Much too clear, much too close to the bone.

Didn't they use to burn people at the stake for such heresy ?

Jon Husband

Do you happen to know the lyrics of "Everybody Knows", by one Leonard Cohen ?

I think it's time for an update.

"Everybody's too scared (or numb, or unconscious) to want to know" ?

Phil Cubeta

Now you just get right-sized. Then your benefits go, then you are on the street.

Phil Cubeta

To say we don't have moral imagination is not quite right. Most have the moral imagination to identify with people worth 1,0000 times more than they are. Few have the imagination to see themselves in those worth .000001% of what they are worth, financially. Thus we adore those who hold us in secret contempt, for being both benighted and gullible. For being "easy." You can't rape someone who wants it and asks for it and enjoys it vocally. Particularly so when they come back for more, again and again. And talk it up to their friends. And offer up their sons and daughters as well. This servititude in Wealth Bondage is consensual.

Jon Husband

Thanks for that, Phil. Made me feel a lot better. Of course I'm happy.

Chris Corrigan

Ironically I've just reconnected with Lenore Ealy who introduced my to Cornuelle's thinking back in Chicago in 2004.

Phil Cubeta

Hi, Chris, hope you are well. Good to hear from you again. Ten years ago, now, that Chicago event. Yet it still seems current.

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