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December 23, 2012


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Jon Husband

Strong sentence ...

Social entrepreneurs are the actors who do the work, social enterprises are the organizational forms that are used, social innovation is the theory of change that guides the process, and social impact is the end result that is achieved.

Values & worldview are the threads underneath the term 'social' here, I think.


A new hero on the world stage. Age? Twenty something. Education? Stanford, Harvard, Duke, Penn. Self esteem? Boundless. Models? Steve Jobs, Pierre Omidyar, Andreeson. No sense that virtue and sacrifice go together. The internet changes everything part II. Part one was a long gone bubble. Part II will fare better, I hope. When JP Morgan predicts, as they have, that this will be a one trillion dollar investments business in the next ten years, it makes me wonder about year 11 - maybe a half trillion?

Auntie Tantemount

A lot of people who talk about social entrepreneurs have a firmer grasp of what entrepreneur means than what social means. Social is the subordinate term, malleable, vague, "beladen", adjectival - granting a pathos of the "social" unto a cold and unambiguous noun.


Social as in Facebook and Twitter, public good and public benefits on private platforms. Social with a shrink wrap license.

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