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October 29, 2012


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Mazarine Treyz

Yes phil, this is entirely true. We should never base our business on a social platform like Facebook or Twitter. We should always use these platforms to drive people back to our own websites.

Salty Droid talks about how he had amassed a twitter following, exposing the lies of some scammy people, and then they complained to Twitter and they just shut his account down. So now he doesn't get on Twitter at all, but merely blogs and has tons of traffic on his website. In my new book, The Wild Woman's Guide to Social Media, I talk about how to drive traffic back to your website, and build your email list, which is the main way you can get people to notice and care about you.




Good sense there, Mazarine.


These statistics blow me away. People are spending huge amounts on their time on these social networking sites. I agree that your priority should be to drive the people to your own site (and not to your social networking presence as an end in itself), but social networking is very powerful. If you have a product line that is appealing visually, you can stand to get a lot of people to your site by using pinterest...even if the first few times they visit you, they are only looking at your pinboards.

Phil Cubeta

In the attention economy those with long attention spans profit from those with short.

Phil Cubeta

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