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September 06, 2012


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CCD Lens

Good on WBs effort. Politicians are killing...

Financial advice

Exactly this is happening in the whole world.


How capitalist of you, tutor, to see this as a gift economy in which if Mr. Capitalist is unhappy with results of his "kindness," he can demand a refund, collect his marbles and go home. How petulant, swishy and small. You want to roll with the big boys, you pay your dues. You hope the whisper flows that you're a good soldier. You might have to prove your worth. Sentiment will gather in the corps as to whether in fact you might be worth a nod. Maybe the Job Creator will deign to create one, a small kindness for you or your uncle Louie. Get over your rich-boy attitude, sir. Your whiteness won't wash here.

Phil Cubeta

To accept favors and not pass them on, or return them, is not fair play. Honor demands that we be faithful servants of the public interest as represented by its Voice, which is money in our pocket.


Important post. I thought capitalism is a reality but is a curse to the society as well. Good on WB for their efforts.

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