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September 28, 2012


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Holy fuck! This is funny.

Christine Egger

Hope you're comfortable, sitting as you are in my Headed to SoCap Suitcase...


Extemely cramped in that suitcase, maybe like the ventriloquist's dummy.

Christine Egger

It was more like a Bag of Holding, always spacious.

I had a hard time finding the Voice of the Commons there :( but when I wasn't listening for that there was Paul Polak to be heartened by... I think...

Phil Cubeta

I wonder about the generations, too. How many ads, how many brands, how many moments shifting among the many corporate supported messages in facebook, etc until the psyche itself is commericialized, the voice of the commons deadeded by incessant messages pointed towards private profit. I can remember the first time I found a brand logo on an peice of clothing, a Countess Mara tie in 1965. I was so insulted to find the CM on it that I tried to pick the red threads out of the blue tie. I did not want to wear anyone's initials on my clothes, not even mine, why her's? Today, how different is the experience of those under 65. How quaint it must seem to have a sensibility formed when conversations were not gamed as user generated content to provide improved marketing. We have made heros out of those who have closed and privatized the commons, be it folklore, intellectual "property" or conversations, and quasi public goods. We treat their theft as a gift. "Steve Jobs, the creator of a walled garden ('ecosystem' of products and services privately owned) is the greatest to all philanthropists." This is moral insanity, but it is our current normal. Well, look who's talking! I am a second lobotomy short of a good attitude. And I can see Nurse Nancy taking notes for my file.

Christine Egger

I don't think we have to worry until someone has figured out a way to brand our exhale. It'll happen during northern winters first (or southern, Aussie-style). Messages floating on frosty breaths. And then they'll figure out a way to do it even when the breath is the same temperature as the external air.

Until then, we have our breathing -- and our heartbeat and the flutter of our eyelashes and the movement of our digestion system -- to remind us that we are miraculous creations first, billboards second.

Phil Cubeta

Your genes are soon to be owned. You might get a royalty, most likely not. The commons is what we had before intellectual property and copyright fights. For creativity, for life itself, this ends badly, but in the process, Steve Jobs (the worlds greatest philanthropist who gave nothing and enclosed the internet commons to enrich himself) did build Venus, the fine Yatch launched shortly after his death. May his ashes be stewn from the deck.

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