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August 06, 2012


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Rest quietly in a darkened room for half an our; when you emerge it shall be entirely mine...

Shoot, I've made $500 in Money Market in the last six months alone!

There is a large asterisk attached to that item, however.

Well, even if I can't withdraw it, I can surely borrow against it, right?

Junk Castle you are MINE!

iPhone Application Development

I grew up playing in the junk castle. What a great creation. I loved the car window that actually rolled up and down. Vic Moore is an amazingly creative man. The Tie House next to the castle is also made of recycled materials and is as warm and cozy as can be.


Better a junk castle than a house full of junk, I always say.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all be at home with no worries about what may happen? No is going to foreclose on that.

Young Hair Stauffenberg

I'd prefer to come into possession of a Junker Castle. Junkerland in Bauernhand!

Phil Cubeta

Your chances may be limited.

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