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April 24, 2012


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Truth Intel

Is this article sarcasm? You honestly enjoy the fact that our jobs are being sent over seas to China and people are working for free to fill postions that our infastructure can no longer support financially?

I agree that it does take moral fortitude and pride to work for free in a position that serves ones community, but if you were a true "moralist" as you say, you wouldn't applaud the fact our country is losing industry to China. Seems like you are all for the destruction of the middle class, so we are left with the wealthy and peasants.

From a place whereat rocking hard is not unknown...

Now that austerity measures have lead to the 'sacking' of Mr. Shamrock's dedicated scrotum-cradler, I would like to place myself in that position pro bono.

I may not have the delicate touch needed to make the transition seamless, but I, in my cradle, benefited from some hard rocking. Why not Mr. Sham?

Phil Cubeta

Yes, I was playing you the reader for stupid to help younsee how commonly and how easily this is done. I am a moralist only when out on bail.

Truth Intel

My apologies then. Seems I need to turn my sarcasm meter up a tad, but with the way the world is going, I believe there are actually people that feel this way and would express it openly.

Phil Cubeta

Austerity will help you develop the character needed to qualify as one of the derserving poor.

Phil Cubeta

It was meant as satire. As a Fool I impersonate Fools, praising Folly. As to whether there are real fools running about and whether I qualify as one, I leave to your good judgement.


1,000 points of light = a protestant orgy of self-congratulatory exclusion.

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