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April 11, 2012


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Chandler Property Management

Really great video. I think if business were going to save the world it would already be well on it's way.


I've seen stats that indicate that Jesus has personally spoken to 87% of the evangelically saved. He's taken a hand in bringing them along, a voice directly in the brain. One would think the voice of God would have a somewhat more salubrious effect.

I'm just saying.


Phil Cubeta

In class I sat in the back, with my eyes and head down, lest I be noticed andcalled on. I feel that way about God too. They say he loves us, but I recall the Book of Job and the Flood. He loves us by his own lights. I just want to get through life as best I can, building a moral tutoring practice to support my drinking habit.


Business creates wealth for its owners and it's really up to business owners to pour that money into society and community, helping out the unfortunates.

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