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April 21, 2012


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Jon Husband

Well said, beautifully written .. and of course you did not get paid for it. You can't touch it, sell it on, or leverage it into something more.

You need to change your set of expectations, friend.

Phil Cubeta

The truth that we are living in wealth bondage is becoming increasingly apparent to people of even modest intellectual means. The question then becomes, "How doe we participate in the plundering of what had been public goods?" I am making my own plans, but will not share them here for fear of giving up my competitive edge.

Jon Husband

Haven't you heard ? Sharing is the new black (and Facebook will use your conversation whether you like it or not).

I'm thinking of moving to Gran Canarias and sangria-ing myself into a permanent stupor. I don't think they sell Thunderbird there.

Phil Cubeta

Sharing the billions?


Sure. http://www.npr.org/2012/05/28/153731795/for-a-billionaire-2m-gets-you-superdonor-status

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