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March 21, 2012


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Cagey old coot! :-D


Where is the soul!!!!! LOVE! Love you! Love this blog! Had known about you for a while from my friend Charlie Joseph, CAP but looked you up only today when I rec'd an e/m from another new-found love Charles Maclean w/you quoted. On March 9 in Rochester I rec'd the same question and another FA responded "if you think like that you will live in scarcity; if you understand this (the soul as you put it) you will love in abundance" -- Michael Palumbos. When I start my blog on creating a legacy-after my youngest leaves for college in the fall-I will certainly be in touch. Thank you for existing and may the bondage-free gods be with you. Going to add you to my website now!

Phil Cubeta

Thank you for the kind words. I hope you do start a blog and look forward to seeing it.

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