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March 26, 2012


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Keith Whitaker

Even owning your own airline doesn't really matter much if you're not a god. At least Caligula thought he was Zeus.

Phil Cubeta

Theologians and moral philosophers turned philanthropic planners would have treated Caligula's delusions as what? A gospel of wealth? My Mistress's Mansion has many Scene Rooms. In one, tonight Caligula is a god on MT Olympus swooping down as a swan to rape Leda, played by Suki Tawdry. In another a State Attorney General copulates with a School Girl, again played by Suki. In another The Supreme Court Justices (one played by Suki) in peekaboo robes sentence a high paying Wealth Holder to a sound thrashing. We all play our appointed roles, here in Wealth Bondage. Fr. Simon offers the sacraments. I pass the offering plate. The Wealth 'n Wisdom Business is brisk.


The central issue is: Do you have heart?

To pen a successful Gospel of Wealth, you gotta have heart.

Phil Cubeta

Sounds like a sound double bottom line social venture involving rewable resources and monetizing what might otherwise be a liability. Gives new meaning to "the death tax."


When in doubt, turn it upside down to see the Jesus.


Phil, sorry to interject, but thanks for this hilarious post. One of your best, I think.

Phil Cubeta

I must be having a breakdown, Albert, I am laughing uncontrollably as I write.

Phil Cubeta

I am referring this to my colleague, Dr. Amrit Chadwallah, who will find and quarantine any hidden meanings.

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