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January 01, 2012


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escort orange county

Well, feel better indeed.

Good coverage on that occupy and shorting stocks stuff. I had no idea that it was being harnessed like that?


"every time I read one of these rah-rah predictions, I get this feeling that I've seen this movie before. When it comes time to do Goldman, Sachs: The Movie!, I'll be bummed beyond belief if Vin Diesel doesn't get to play Jim O'Neill." -- Taibbi

Phil Cubeta

I made the post up in a moment in temporary insanity. No well socialised morally sane person would even have imagined such things. Now that I am back in my right mind, I feel nothing but shame for having written a recipe for wealth creation, shared value creation, and so on that is so at odds with good sense and our shared humanity. Only in my own most perverse imaginings does the world contain such abuses.

cranberry cupcakes

There are probably plenty of people who, not needing to valorize this as the "best" of all possible worlds, deem it the "most possible" of all possible worlds, thus providing a justification for political caution and desperate attempts to preserve the present, despite their recognition of the present imperfect and their (suppressed) "utopian" yearnings. You could describe liberal democrats this way, for instance.


By holding out for an honest preseident we undermine or chances of getting a semi-honest one.

cranberry cupcakes

A condition made irrelevant by the paucity of hold-outs.

Phil Cubeta

I still think it is important vote for the president whose best echos back your own self image. "Like" the president of your choice.

cranberry cupcakes

The like button is the ultimate expression of the suppression of the antagonist within the agon. We're all protagonists now.


I like your comment. Like me too.

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