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August 27, 2011


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Tom Matrullo

Some employees would much prefer to be slave of the month.

Phil Cubeta

Submissive of the Month, in Wealth Bondage. Can a middle manager win it? A President? You bet! No matter how many minions you have, and no matter how domineering you are, "We all have to serve somebody," if Freedom is to prevail. Unless you serve, you can't be a Leader.

Chief Poe

Graeber was one the boots-on-the-ground organizers of Occupy Wall Street. Has since moved on to Occupy Austin, and is probably the closest thing to an identifiable leader this anarchist movement has had.

Phil Cubeta

Thanks for the heads up.

Tom Matrullo

He was there early on -


Jon Husband

I miss Joe Bageant.

I'm thinking he would have been there (certainly in spirit), and I'd love to read what he might have written

Phil Cubeta

I miss his voice and presence too. His views on the 99% would drole. Deer Hunters for Jesus go to Wall Street.

dial 99999

"Most of the real organizing at Occupy Wall Street happens face-to-face, according to David Graeber, who was one of the earliest organizers. "We did some practical work on [the email list] at first—I think that's where I first proposed the "we are the 99%" motto—but mainly it's just an expressive forum," he wrote in an email. "No one would seriously discuss a plan to do something covert or dangerous on such a list."


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