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August 27, 2011


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Peat Ledger

"A double-entry bookkeeping system is a set of rules for recording financial information in a financial accounting system in which every transaction or event changes at least two different nominal ledger accounts.

The name derives from the fact... that each transaction was recorded twice (hence "double-entry"), with the two transactions being called a "debit" and a "credit".

In modern accounting this is done using debits and credits within the accounting equation: Equity = Assets - Liabilities... If at any point the sum of debits does not equal the corresponding sum of credits, an error has occurred. It follows that the sum of debits and the sum of the credits must be equal in value.

Double-entry bookkeeping is not a guarantee that no errors have been made..."


Phil Cubeta

Yes. Commensuration. Everything must be measured in the same units or the books don't balance. That was Jeremy Bentham's great insight.

Phil Cubeta

If we want to measure results accurately, in terms of happiness, "pushpin is as good as poetry."

tom matrullo

When I saw this, I initially thought it read: "all wives have equal value."

On further reflection, I wonder if the Gateses would agree.

Phil Cubeta

All wives, all children have equal value. To take care of our own first is a holdover from less rational times.

Jon Husband

FIFO is an accounting concept that appears to have been applied to the lives of people in our western societies.

Phil Cubeta

We want hopeful employees. The price of hope is much cheaper in India. An MBA there dreams of making $1.10 an hour in ten years. In business an "early out" makes room from new growth. How can we fail the failures faster and separate them from society as a whole? "The United States today announced a 15% reduction in force......"

Jon Husband

< "The United States today announced a 15% reduction in force......" >

Rightsizing .. of course !

Why didn't WE think of that ?

Phil Cubeta

Our competitive position requires periodic adjustments in the population we support. Adjustments will continue until our competitive position is restored. We anticipate solving the social security and medicare imbalance with short and long term increases in mortality due to hunger and exposure to the elements.

Jon Husband

We anticipate solving the social security and medicare imbalance with short and long term increases in mortality due to hunger and exposure to the elements.

Sounds like a plan.

What's even better is that on balance, carrying out the plan won't cost us anything at all (well, except for the salaries fox few administrators we hire to keep track of how the cuts to those programs are going (and to speed them up if necessary).

The people we elected are geniuses .. reduce 'the deficit' and save more money (that was essentially fixed overhead) at the same time. Why, through rightsizing we should be able to cut taxes on the upper 10% of income earners every couple of years or so ... it will only take about a decade to get the effective tax rate to zero.

Sheer genius .. it's not hard to understand why the USA is the wonder of the world, and why everyone wants to move there.

madame d'estape

You boyz are missing the bigger pic. What's to lament about taking down a bunch of wingnut grifters? Here's what you do:

1. Find some, or one, competent Mitnick-level hacker.

2. Arrange a vast and ambitious marketing campaign (use Kock dollaz wherever possible) to make sites like this one:


and this one


appear in every Bagger publication, website, talk show, on the face of the earth. Plaster every den of Baggery, every Denny's, every Crackhead Barrel, every country music-fueled diner in the land with that shit.

Meanwhile the hacker routes all the greedy bagger money to some perfectly virtuous Swiss Bank Account owned by "Diogenes."

Ponzi up the privilege of being a member of the World Reserve. Like'em on Facebook


March on Canton Ohio to present these people with their very own Criminal Indictment while displaying the beneficent uses to which WRME-diverted funds were put.

Scam the Grifters!

madame d'estape

These's no active philanthropy unless it's actionable!

Phil Cubeta

Sounds like a triple bottom line social investment plan with benefits for funders, business, and country.

madame d'estape

Everyone's a winner - including the corporate ecosphere, as this will serve to flush certain deserving enterprises down Rick Perry's toilet faster than clumsy and dysfunctional bureaucratic regulation.

madame d'estape

There's a lot of flushwork to do!

Phil Cubeta

Buy now while you still have the cash.

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