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July 26, 2011


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Tom Matrullo

That this is reported, and is considered news, and is wondered at, helps us glimpse the gap between the Economy we believe in and worship, and the Economy we actually have.

Phil Cubeta

Right, that corporations thrive by immiserating workers is not a new point. As the Reagan Revolution runs its course, we see rising profits and dwindling jobs, benefits, and pay. What a surprise. Reagan himself would chuckle. Welfare Queens get off the dole, and you middle class people, and you union members, accept your place in a flat world. You are paid what you are worth in the world market, same as if you lived in India. What makes you think you are so special? Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security - forget those entitlements. We are broke and can no longer afford these socialist extragences. Instead, the poor and the class formerly called middle should take care of each other. That is what charity if for, suckers. Philanthropy is to endow Princeton and create a Mausoleum for lapdogs.

Tom Matrullo

Tacky auto-quote:

'all our loyalties bend to the monsters of production and economic success. There is our religion.'

Let's make sure Aaron Swartz cools his heels in the can for a good long time. Best practices dictate there be no knowledge running around freely. Nor knowledge of such knowledge.

Ancient Chinee say: "Hands close to Vest find Silver Lining."


Thank you for reblogging this Phil! I appreciate it.

Just remember:

"Working for a living simply does not pay—and to exert any effort whatsoever above and beyond what you are being compensated for is to be complicit in your own exploitation.”
-Heather: Adjunct college professor, Illinois

I wish I could tell more people in the nonprofit and for profit world about this. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops, build a strong nonprofit union, and get 50% of people working at nonprofits to join.

Yeah, and then there's this other part of me that just wants to say "Screw it" and run off to some other economy and put my fingers in my ears and say "lalala" because this problem just seems... TOO BIG, you know?

Phil Cubeta

Public goods are a socialist concept. Privatizing and walling off the commons is a best practice. We are fortunate to be able to use words without express prior permission of those who coined them.

Phil Cubeta

What problem? The rich get richer and the others suffer. This is Natural Right of Capital. The strong prevail and the weak perish. That is how God and Nature want it. You just resent it because you are a loser. Unions are a thing of the past. Corporations have a triple bottom line. People, planet, and profit. Your needs have already been factored in. As for nonprofits they run on virtue. Content yourself with that.

Tom Matrullo


All is good, if God is good, and how can God not be good? Sure maybe he's got a cigar habit and a few drug kingpins in his closet, and has to chomp on a few million putzes who forgot to fake their MBA credentials.

This world is not entirely flat. The corporateurs devour us as the Maya devoured their children. What would we do without the soylent masses?

Capital pursues its telos beyond the human.

God is Good!

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