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July 25, 2011


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Dak Shorenstein

I'm not real familiar with this, but:

a. The legislation is in committee - the chance of this becoming law anytime soon is remote?

b. The issue is not whether a company can retaliate by moving production elsewhere in retaliation for a strike, but whether it can move production elsewhere in the absence of a finding that "unfair labor practices" have been committed. The repub legislation at my first read seems to be about preventing the NLRB from penalizing companies who have not been found to have violated, in specific instances, the NLRA.


This makes me so mad.

Of course, living in Texas, a "Right to work" state, or more like "A right to fire you without cause state" I suppose people are used to this terrible treatment.

IN the same vein, I wrote a post answering the Mother Jones article about Super Jobs recently, the process of "offloading" 3-5 people's jobs onto one person and expecting them to keep it together: I'd love to get your thoughts on it.

Phil Cubeta

Blogged it.

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