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July 29, 2011


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Keith Whitaker

I can imagine a further turn in this dialogue:

And the Pharisee said to the teacher, "Do you not advise, as we do, that the wealthy father and mother join hands with their children and offer 5% of their wealth to social entrepreneurs, not just for the good of the world but for their own family togetherness?"

And the teacher replied, "Do not mistake me! I come as a sword between the generations, and whoever does not hate his father and his mother and his parents' foundation can never follow me. And if you don't believe me, just consult the Gospel of that mischievous Scotsman ..."

Keith Whitaker, www.wisecounselresearch.org

Phil Cubeta

Sounds like one of those Apochryphal Gospels, like that of Judas.

The Phar Side

For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, the party of the third part against the party of the second part, and the party of the second part against the party of the third part. The lessor shall be divided against the lessee, and the lessee against the home-least; the teeter against the totter, and the totter against the teeter; the teeter-totter against the totter-teeter, and the totter-teeter against the teeter-totter; the monkeys shall be banned from the bars, the bars shall be bunkered by monks, and a trap shall fly forth from the trapeze. The usual paws shall stamp the usual clause; agreements shall be nullified, nullities agreeified; rivers, water-banked; chaos... ranked.

tom matrullo

A hard smacking round of applause with the taws!

Phil Cubeta

Flagellants rose in towns subject to the Black Death. Rasputin, Trusted Advisor to the Tsar and to the wives and daughters of the Aristocracy was a flaggelant. Penitentiaries are for convicts, as I tell my clients, but all of us of strong morals may flaggelate ourselves by way of penance, whether we have ever been convicted or not. Some find it more effective and efficient, in establishing a moral persona, as well as less costly, than is philanthropy.


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