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December 27, 2010


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Seed Less

De farmer plow de field with de tractors. Udder wise de land lie fallow.

Phil Cubeta

Our roles are consumer and employee. Best to learn these real world roles when we are young.

tom matrullo

Fallow land is the David in the marble. Or the next megadeal in yellowcake. Or a public space for shared creation. When corporations find what they own and own what they find, it's taedium vitae for the rest of us.

Phil Cubeta

Inside Wealth Bondage it is no better. Every boss has a boss, and all are subordinate to a plan for creating and/transferring financial value to shareholders, as slaves, grain, plunder, once moved from the conquered provinces to Rome. Letting things be is not the corporate way. The MBA specializes in improving things, by simplification, numeration, naming, claiming, and routinizing, until commensurable value is moved up the chain, no matter what is depleted, polluted, or profaned in the process. That every step of the chain is a "voluntary exchange" is the connection to Freedom. That the choices become increasingly coarse, the chooser increasingly addicted or base, is not within the scope of theory. Those wanting higher order goods may subscribe to The New York Review of Books, they are a market too minor to cultivate.

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