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October 29, 2010


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Jack Clack

Ok, look, people like having their balls cradled. They get used to it. It feels nice. Little by little the grip gets tighter. People are proud. They think their balls are growing. They think their balls are becoming minor planets. Next, things get a little tighter and a vague sense of nausea creeps in. They think they've got an ulcer, maybe, or polyps in the gall bladder, anything but somebody squeezing their balls cuz by this time they've simply forgot. Ok, now, the coup de grĂ¢ce. People are brought to their knees, howling and crying Mama! Why? Cuz the grip got even tighter, you maroon, we're gonna crush those little monkeys, and how. why? Because we can.

That's a phrase worth repeating, Professor: Because - we - can.

Phil Cubeta

Yes, I once heard an interviewer ask Bill Clinton, what he thought now about the Lewinsky matter. Why did he do it? He said, "Because I could." He meant in the way he said it that he has now reformed. I was not reassured. Seemed like he had stated an operative philosophy of life, a moral and political philosophy, that maybe reflects the culture in DC, and maybe at the highest level generally. In the absence of a higher standard, what else guides us but passion, preference, desire, and possibility? (And not getting caught, if possible.)

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