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August 12, 2010


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A. Nughthur-Skirt

Perhaps this is the female professional you are looking for?


I am sure she has taken care of many wealthy families of first class. Maybe even fed and served their children.

Phil Cubeta

A serving professional. Yes, think of James Hughes as your mother.

Jack Clack

Hey, when the meals are descending on her and she's shooting them up, is this woman as primal hunter, bagging game for the dinner table, AND, woman as modern object, fighting off comfort and sustenance in the effort to remain competitively thin?

This court-ordered sensitivity training ain't half bad.

Phil Cubeta

I am reading a book by a woman whose leadership in grassroots fundraising and organizing goes back to her starting a Diaper Bank in Arizona. Hildy Gottleib. I wonder how she would see this vimeo. I suspect she would ask the woman in the story to consider her hidden strengths and assets. If the woman were in a field focused on Wealth in Families, it becomes obvious that the time "lost" to raising a family was not "time away from the career."


How about asking the people outside of this picture to consider their biases and talk about unions and fair pay for people who need to be away from work for a certain period of time or who need more flexible scheduling?

I just read "Drive" by Daniel Pink and he goes into how homeworkers or "homesourcing" customer service for instance creates a 25% rise in productivity and retention.


Phil Cubeta

Humanizing and elevating the conversation about "human resources," and seeing that treating others as we would wish to be treated is good business - that is a wonderful thought. I have not read that Daniel Pink book, but I have read others, and liked them.

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