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April 27, 2010


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What's a millenial?

Phil Cubeta

A person born in a certain era, the Boomer children. It is a demographic that is becoming highly profitable. We must find ways to ally ourselves witht the millenials in order to mentor the next generation of leaders in Wealth Bondage.



why not have a Run of the Millennials? The Millennials could be The Bulls and the X's, Boomers and Greatest Gen'ers could be the things they chase and butt out of the way.

I think it would be cathartic for the Millenials, a chance to gore the dull generational oxen that impede their digital nativity (homo zappien-ness?)


Phil Cubeta

O yes, that is Family Drama here. Help Father into the Nursing home, lest he choke himself on his oatmeal.


We're gonna need some kind of gadget. Or app. You're not gonna line-up too many Millenial without a shiny app.

Phil Cubeta

Boomer Zapper App?


Sure, most Boomers are on shaky legs anyhow. Something to resonate negatively with their SSRI's would probably do it. 4G, coordinated with the global rollout.

Phil Cubeta

Work forever is the new Boomer retirement reality. From Success to flipping burgers at McD's.


They make it too dry. Like glue.

Phil Cubeta

Skim milk may help.

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