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February 22, 2010


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...various consulting and legal firms and other lucky advisors that became part of the process which dismantled Lehman Brothers were paid a total of $642 million. ...

"An individual with a liberal arts degree from a good college could not preside over or be any real part of the actions needed to disassemble a firm of Lehman’s size and complexity."


Ergo shut up and eat your porridge.

Phil Cubeta

What an amazing comment! Many a Williams BA is also a Harvard MBA or Yale JD. I am sure that plenty of our peers with undergraduate degrees in the humanities got their fair share of the pie. Disassembling things? Where better to turn than a good liberal arts person cross trained in law, tax or finance?

Enrique the Gay Philosopher

Does the adult papal gown come with a lack of ironic distance or is that extra?



Phil Cubeta

The tennis shoes are not included.

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