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February 21, 2010


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The message architects at Blank's PR firm must be in overdrive trying to figure out how any "more conspicuous and top-down philanthropy," is not going to mean, precisely, a whole lot more shit-eating, aw-shucks we ain't so bad, bogusly self-serving humble pie methodology whose sole imaginable purpose is to grease the skids back to business as usual for Goldman.

Jon Husband

.. Goldman’s profitability? Indeed, this is the job Goldman’s shareholders hired him to do and the reason we entrusted him with taxpayer dollars to begin with.

The river card ?

Isn't this a little (or a lot) like Cheney confessing to war crimes ?

Private sector shareholders hire Blankfein to obtain their quarterly and annual profits. His fee is the bonus. So what if what it takes to do so is taxpayers' venture capital ?

They never had a stake in the game anyway .. forgot to sign the paperwork .. oops, oh well .. maybe next time

Jon Husband

damn .. open tag

Phil Cubeta

Closed the tag for you, John. Thanks.

Phil Cubeta

Costume for the Predator's Ball? tiny.cc/vsomd

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