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November 04, 2009


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Jon Husband

Well, you've got to give the French their props for knowing what to do with wine and wine bottles.

I'm willing to bet the technique demonstrated has been perfected over a period of very many years.


No doubt Frenchmen have been practicing this technique longer that the 'Bird has been bottled. There is a Continental aesthetic, though the language doesn't sound like French. A happy drunk in a timeless 'berg, I'm sure his countrymen would be glad to claim him. A wise man of the streets, a regular Diogenes.


Ah, that's nothin'. Frank Luntz, using only 'the right words', can persuade a corked bottle to decant itself.


An event too refined for a YT video. Some rituals are only meant for the inner circle.

Jon Husband

though the language doesn't sound like French

It is French.

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