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October 04, 2009


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Phil Cubeta

Gerry, this is very promising for you and your network. It seems that you have begun to connect with the progressive funder/foundation world. It has been a very long time coming.


I hope so. It could be a real catalyst for reformation, for putting philanthropy on the kind of solid foundation of relationship that we have dreamed of for so long. You have been with it even longer, it would not be possible without the work that you and others have done to prepare the ground.

Phil Cubeta

I have done little enough recently to connect these two worlds. But as you mention Schumacher it becomes clear that these two worlds are now beginning to conneect. If only that had been true at Omidyar.net in a more meaningful way, as far as grants went. You know, Albert Rusega, a frequent commenter at WB, and blogger at White Courtesy Telephone is now the head of Greater New Orleans Foundation? Little by little the worlds may connect, but the cultures are still worlds apart. Schumacher is more in tune, I think, with the p2p spirit of things.

Phil Cubeta

Jean Russell in her work with Tracy Gary as well as her ongoing nonprofit engagement and work with Valdis Krebs is another sign that the web is slowly being woven to connect networks with money to networks with grassoots energy around community, alternative currencies, open source, open space, and so on. Chris Corrigan is also connected to a progressive network of funders in Canada around Endswell, Carol Newell, and Joel Solomon. They are pals with Tracy.


Hopefully through this convening and others they will bring more progressive funders into the fold. It is certainly true that a shot of really strategic funding could turn around the economy. The wealthy really could spend enough on building common assets, and just plain providing a compliment to any Keynsian government stimulus. They could think of it as protecting their investment.

Vanguards like Tracy, Schumacher and their networks could lead a global call for the haves to spend on economic development. Local development through local currencies could certainly be part of these programs too.


If not for GiftHub, there never would have been a place to blog and comment about these things. We don't know what bystanders may have been influenced by these conversations while standing on the sidelines. Synchronistic principles are in operation, causality is up in the air.

Phil Cubeta

Art as play. Goofing around is sometimes the most serious work we do.


LIfe as a work of art. Art and learning as the work and play of life. We need play to learn, to be human.

Phil Cubeta

Play together, dance together, how tribes are formed.

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