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October 06, 2009


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What will emerge, and will it care about us? Eric and Art were suggesting from the progression towards singularity in the pace of change of our socio-informational support systems may indicate the emergence of a post-human intelligence. You have suggested as much in your satirical way over the years.

I suspect that what is emerging is a collective intelligence that we can participate in, but will quickly grow beyond any individual ability to comprehend. We can only hope that it has a human heart.

Someone on the radio attributed to Einstein an idea about holding the universe to be a friendly place. That is the origin of his quotes that God may be subtle, but not devious in reference to trying to understand the universe mathematically. We can figure it out, if only after lifetimes of effort. We can know that it is good even if we can only comprehend the smallest bit.

Phil Cubeta

Post-human intelligence, virtue, and peace. I can almost hear the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, and animals that move upon the earth, all crying, "Amen." We are the fever that is buring the planet up. When will that fever break?


An end to our romp outside the garden, perhaps. But the tree of knowledge will always be there for the brave of heart and strong of spirit to taste of and live as gods. To find out what a tragedy it is to come up short, and knowing the garden is always there awaiting our return.

Phil Cubeta

Something will be here and see us in the museums, stuffed.

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