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September 24, 2009


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Telephone: Ring! Patient: Hello? Nurse: Your numbers are a little high. Doctor wants to know if you'd like to take some medication to bring them back in line. Patient: Oh. What do I have? Nurse: Your numbers are too high. Patient: Oh. Well I suppose we had better bring them down, then. Nurse: If that's what you want. Telephone: Click. Patient: Hello? Pope: Yes? Patient: What do you think? Pope: Take the pills. Patient: (smiling) My Sweet Lord... Chorus: Alleluia!

Phil Cubeta

How about this?

Patient: "I am sick, depressed, suicidal."
Dumpster Dr.: "Do someting worthy of your talent and call me in the morning."


That's one reading. The greater one still applies, though, I think.

Phil Cubeta

What number did you you use to get the Pope? Does he still answer his own phone in Latin?


He's always on the line, for those with ears to hear. Remember: There's no such thing as 'dead air'.

Phil Cubeta

Maybe it is the conscience whose still voice we hear?


Maybe so, old bean, maybe so.


"tis a bitter and thin soup our overlords have brewed for us .. but it's all we have to drink, so .. drink and be merry, better times are on the horizon. They always are ..

Phil Cubeta

Yes, as Scruton says our sufferings will teach us wisdom and make us grateful to God for His instruction. Every society's finest flower grows upon the dung heap of the average man. Thus, we serve our purpose, manuring the roots of AEI.

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