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August 23, 2009


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Ears on!

Phil Cubeta

We're Mouseketeers, only better.


This is where I ended reading so this is where I will comment. Thank you for you efforts in blogging a unique subject which I had previously put little effort in examining. It brings up many questions about the man behind the writing, but yes I see some of the symbolism involved. Is the man rich? Is he poor? He see's no problem in directing those with money how to spend it, but does he feel the methods which were usually used to obtain such "riches" usually go against the grain of those hyper ethically sensitive. A simple example is upselling. Would you like me to supersize that for you? Always rubs against my grain in doing and recieving, yet our whole system right now is based on such. It's one thing to base it on the idea of what is best for the consumer, quite another to feel you can manipulate his mind and his wallet by charging him only 50 cents for it and not a dollar, fully realizing psychologically the consumer is much more apt to give it up if it is "only 50 cents". Thanks.

Phil Cubeta


Phil Cubeta

The man behind the mask of Diogenes is not rich, not poor. Like Diogenes he does not give advice, but poses riddles, plays practical jokes, confounds expectations, and challenges the frame. He is the sickest of healers, because the plague spares none.

Jeremy Gregg

Love the new look, Phil. I regret that I have been too busy to blog much myself, let alone comment on yours. Rest assured, it (and you) are appreciated.

Phil Cubeta

Thanks, Jeremy, look forward to hearing more about you and from you as you find time to share it.

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