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March 04, 2009


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Renata Rafferty

Phil, you're the man! Well, said, especially your on-target characterization of what it is that makes me queasy about the social venture/social entrepreneur/philanthropreneurial types who somehow believe the best way to "improve" on "philanthropy" is to re-form (and reform)it into a "venture" that needs a "preneur's," touch without ever having really experienced the ethos of philanthropos by working a few summers in the "field" (the farmer's market analogy is tickling my funny bone).

Thanks for putting my thoughts into your words better than I could have. ;-)

Phil Cubeta

Thank you, Renata. Recently, Cynthia Gibson asked why entrepreneurs don't try to be more "nonprofitlike," rather always wanting giving to be more businesslike. Ying can learn from Yang as much as the other way around. But but Ying is given to swaggering, and Yang is so patient.

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