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February 03, 2009


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Jon Husband

Amazing, isn't it , how in some instances and situations humans adapt so quickly and in others (i.e. living in a less-structured networked world where the "mental models" are different) the adaptation goes on grindingly slowly.

It often seems to me like the process of learning a second (or more) language when an adult .. the adaptation and incorporation into one's cognitive and psychological behaviours occurs by plateaus, with lots of experimentation, elements of adaptation, and then .. everybody looks up from their job or newspaper or tv-watching and says ... wow, things have changed. That's what happens when learning another language .. you can muff it up and muff it up, not understand, get discouraged, and then all of sudden one day you can clearly communicate more effectively than the previous days and weeks .. and then on to the next plateau.

Practice, practice, practice.

Hey , will the US banking system accept injections of social capital ?

Phil Cubeta

I am sure the bank will accept your deposit of social capital out behind the bank in garbage bin.

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