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December 28, 2008


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...hence world leadership rightly comes from the successful businessperson,...

[hollow, mirthless laugh]

Sounds like one of these people who think the end and paramount purpose of intellectual activity is to get oneself into a good, snug, defensible position. Comforting the comfortable is a good method, but it has an enervating effect on the morals. Luckily for the sufferer, he is not aware that he has been afflicted. The afflicted are the less fortunate, who bring up things like "justice" which just embarrasses everybody.


Oops I don't know what happened to the beginning of that last sentence.

Phil Cubeta

Thought was happening, Kia, and what a pleasure it is to see it here. If Matthew Bishop were interviewing for the role of Butler in a family I served as Morals Tutor, I would tell him to stand up straighter, lower his nose to be level with the floor, and not to smirk. As Matthew is our distinguished guest, however, I remain silent as he butters up my boss. Later in the kitchen, I suppose, he will join me and the other servants and have a high old time toasting our superiors and wishing them and their children long and happy lives. A tip at Christmass? Not this year; things are tough. Lay on the flattery as much as we might, not a dime.

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