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December 06, 2008


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Jay Taber

Goldman Sachs’ golden boy has now removed one of his top campaign promises from his website. The windfall profits tax on oil companies, promised often by the Obama campaign as a means for providing energy assistance to poor Americans, disappeared from Obama’s website four days after he became the President-Elect. Maybe Goldman Sachs’ colossal holdings in oil had something to do with it.

Phil Cubeta

Perhaps the incipient disillusionment of the networked base will awaken a political consciousness that goes beyond voting for slogans.

Jay Taber

Hard to say how long they can be manipulated by the DNC into believing party-sponsored online activities will actually change anything. Judging by the excitement of the author at just being on the DNC list, I'd say the faithful can be strung along quite a ways.

But in terms of social movement organizing, the frustrations, hopes and expectations of the naive suggest that being prepared to lead those who eventually realize the betrayal they've been lured into by slogans and magical thinking might yield some new recruits.

The key, as usual, is mobilizing resources to socialize and mentor them. So far, those have been non-existent.

Phil Cubeta

Why fund the dog that bites the hand?

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