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October 11, 2008


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JJ Commoner

It's becoming more and more well-known that comedy and satire carry the really useful information and news.

I'm wondering if this Yahoo article is reverse double-cover-up satire (with a twist and a half-gainer). How is a person expected to maintain a focus on those ten tips when they are being exhorted every day to:

1. Buy or lease a new car every 2 or 3 years
2. Have it all .. now !
3. Bet on the next sure thing ... all in
4. Believe it's never too late ... to get rich
5. Get a job !
6. Trust in the messages from the top down
7. Get out there and spend !
8. Buying "stuff" makes you feel good and makes the problems go away.
9. Buy the mostest house your lender will approve you for.
10. Make sure you don't miss the NEXT BIG OPPORTUNITY

Actually, the advice on offer isn't half-bad .. but the point is where was this advice 5 or 10 years ago (oh, OK,, it was out there, it just wasn't on the corporatist agenda and thus not in the mainstream media much).

Boo-yah !


Those who followed the articles advice for the last 20 years had a nice nest egg and saw its value halved last week.

JJ Commoner

Unless you were out of the "market" ...



Don't gloat, JJ.

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