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October 22, 2008


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Jay Taber

How you solve a problem depends on how you define it. One can get into the circular argument about whether government as a criminal enterprise causes totalitarianism, or the reverse, but the fact of the matter is that they are symbiotic. Allowing too much power to accrue in too few hands results in crime, and allowing crime to go unpunished results in unaccountable power.

Homeland Security, national security, and the GWOT all concentrate power and funding without even a semblance of oversight or accountability. So naturally they are criminal enterprises used to punish political opponents and to line the pockets of friends.

In its present form, this criminal enterprise is not mere pilfering, it is wholesale larceny that is depriving us of the ability to live. As such, the situation is not one of negotiation, but rather of warfare. Advocacy as a response is ineffective, inadequate and inappropriate.


Yes, but would Obama agree? I get the impression that your rhetoric of confrontation and conflict would be demoted by him to "20th century strategies that have been superseded by harmonious 21st century win/win strategies. Hope in America. New Dawn. Change!" As do you, I see this as abject surrender to forces he cannot control. He may know what is going on but will not name it. The government he seeks to lead may have become a criminal enterprise in large part, but his goal at this point is to be in charge of it. To actually change it would put many in jail, from the highest levels on down. No one is talking in those terms. And those who do talk of government as criminal may have their phones tapped and be characterized as dissidents, terrorists, etc. You know this Jay, me too. C.A. Fitts does too, but the position is lonely, isolated and exposed. Funders for it are scarce indeed. Funders for Obama are many.

Jay Taber

Some philanthropists are backing those who are not afraid to fight for real change. We just need a few more.


Excellent. Those who do back real change might want to consider their own plans for living and leaving a legacy. Might be an angle to explore, Jay. Planning for systemic impact on society without shortchanging their personal goals.

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