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October 21, 2008


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JJ Commoner

I too will read it carefully, with such a hearty recommendation.

I continue to follow this issue pretty closely. I was one of a few founders of the Vancouver chapter of CBSR (Canadian Business for Social Responsibility), back in 1996 / 97 (just after i quit the suit-and-boardroom world), but gave up after a couple of years because there were just a few of us hippies hanging around and nobody in the BC business world wanted to hear much from us.

Here we are 11 years later, and this article just appeared today in BC Business magazine: CSR - Fact or Fad ?

The author seems earnest, and from reading in the article how she came to be writing about this, one assumes she has strong motivation for advising readers it's not a fad. But in my opinion the article reads quite a bit like a slightly long-winded advertisement.

Given your reccy, I don't expect that of Trexler's article.


Google Carol Newell, Play Big, or Enswell. Ask Chris Corrigan about her. You would find a kindred spirit in her and among her networks in CA.

JJ Commoner

Carol Newell is Joel Solomon's partner, Hollyhock, etc., right ?


Correct, her money. He is her right hand person, her trusted advisor and co-conspirator for the good. He was instrumental in getting Holkyhock started.

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