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September 28, 2008


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That this point has escaped most of us, including the media I've been inundated by, speaks volumes. Thanks.

JJ Commoner

Yes, thanks for making it public, though I'd like to say I have wondered much about why so easy to make such adecision versus universal health care, free education, and many other elements of a worth commonweal.

I am pretty sure it's because it's relatively easy to scare people into thinking that the rigged game known as the financial operating system is the only way to support the way(s) people live today ... which is demonstrably false .. but again, this way it's easy to scare people in order to accomplish the looting of the Treasury.

Of course they don't think malnutrition, starvation, no health care, no educational capabilities to speak of, etc. are important. Those things keep the government from fitting into the bathtub. Reagan wanted to kill the poor, remember ? They muck up the scenery.


Roads, bridges, internet backbone, libraries, schools, it might be good to invest in productive infrastructure along with missiles and toxic loans. We do have to keep the game going long enough to amortize this debt. Has anyone calculated each American's prorata share?


For the adult USian population, it's something over $2,000 per head, according to one calculation I've heard. But these "troubled assets" have priority over those trivialities you and AKMA seem obsessed with. They need relief. TARP.



$2,000 per head? No way we can raise that kind of money except with a massive tax cut to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and postpone the meltdown until, say, next year.

JJ Commoner

Come on you guys ... health care reform is under the umbrella of, and good for, job creation. President Palin even said so in a TV interview.

You're just whiners.


The main thing is to keep the tax cuts coming to Rescue us.

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