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September 09, 2008


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Cletus is pissed
Now, with the price of metal and new deposit laws, the junk collecting industry has exploded and many homeless people are becoming positively entrepreneurial.

The bum who helps 'recycle' his fellow bums will be the true visionary, first to leap a class or two in a single generation...


Swift made that point about the Irish poor.

Cletus is pissed

He ain't called Swift for nothin', guvnor...

JJ Commoner

Soylent Green .. been there, done that (at least in the realm of science fiction)


Interestingly the cart itself was created to raise public consciousness. It does have a bit of the method of Diogenes in it, as does Swift for that matter. We might get a dozen of them and set them up outside the Hudson Institute when they have a conference on, say, "Philanthropy and Self-Reliance: Do Alms Hurt the Poor by Making them Dependent?"


"Ancillary cremation and cart-refurbishment service seeks a few discrete investors."


Social benefit of that venture funded solution to be measured by the reduction in social services provided by the state. The only cost is the fuel for the furnace and bodies heated high enough become fuel. So, really, the problem becomes its own solution. We just need the start up capital, Tom, for a proof of concept.

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